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Water Line Repair in Seattle

You depend on clean water for taking a shower, washing dishes and laundry, and even using the toilet. The water service to your property is responsible for delivering that clean water to your home. When something happens to the piping, you could notice issues like poor water pressure and discolored water. In such cases, you should promptly schedule water line repair or replacement services. As a family-owned business, Sewer Friendly understands the inconvenience and frustration that a damaged water line can cause. 

Underground Water Services

Here’s a quick look at our underground water line services, but you can always call us to learn more.

    Water lines are more susceptible to mineral buildup, temperature changes and ground movement as they age, and our team can provide reliable repairs that get your water moving again.
    Aside from reducing how much of your yard that we dig up, our trenchless services are reliable and cost effective for repairing and replacing your water line.
    Whether you suspect a leak in the water main or your water line, our plumbers can use special equipment to test the water pressure and locate the leak for repairs.

Trenchless Water Line Service

One of the biggest concerns with repairing or replacing a water line is the damage that it causes to your lawn. Sewer Friendly offers trenchless repairs and replacements to keep that damage to a minimum. Using special tools, we start each water line repair project by creating one hole where the pipe starts and another where it ends. Then we use a cable-pulling system to feed a new pipe into the existing one and bond them together for a tight seal. Lastly, we fill the small holes in your yard so that it’s like we were never there.

Do I Need a Water Line Replacement?

There are some cases when Sewer Friendly may suggest water line replacement.

Symptoms of a Damaged Water Line

  • Noisy Taps and Fixtures
  • Pooling Water in Yard
  • Changes in Water Pressure
  • Increase in Water Bill
  • Cracks Forming in Foundation
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