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Sewer Inspections


A Sewer Inspection means peace of mind, and establishes a plan of action.

No one wants to think about their sewer, unfortunately by the time we are thinking about it, it is often too late.
Here are are some signs to look for:

  • Your toilets overflow or take a long time and a couple of flushes to empty
  • An awful smell of sewage fills the air
  • You have multiple slow draining fixtures in your home
  • You know some work has already been done to your sewer
  • If and when you are buying or selling a home

The first thing we complete is a sewer inspection video (sometimes called a sewer scope), because we want you to fully understand the issues at hand. Many problems can arise: Roots can grow into joints and weak spots in the sewer can become worse over time. An accumulation of solid waste materials, and unmentionables, can be too much for the pipes to manage effectively. Other problems include collapsed lines due to large boulders or landscaping above ground, holes and cracks can develop naturally and worsen due to age and deteriorate over time. A thorough sewer video inspection will pinpoint the problem and its location.

Most leaks do not just show up as a spouting fountain of water. They linger for days, weeks, or even months before they become obvious.

At the first symptom of a possible sewer problem, CALL US. We can find and fix the problem before it causes extensive damage to your property. Do NOT ignore these symptoms. Taking care of the problem early will save you time, money and headaches.

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